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Select your beams

Widths available: 900mm, 1200mm, 1800mm and 2400mm

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Select your uprights

Heights available: 915mm, 1830mm and 2135mm.
Uprights available in a depth of 640mm. Each upright post is 65mm wide.

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Select your shelves

Widths available: 900mm and 1200mm

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Select your Accessories

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Rack It Pro – Available Now!

Expand Your Rack It 1000kg System With Rack It Pro

With Rack It Pro, design, organise and keep your workspace tidy – install cabinets below your workbench, fit overhead cabinets above your pegboard, and place drawers and cabinets on top of the other. Use your imagination the options are endless!

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Application Guide:

The Rack It system has no rules. From a heavy-duty garage storage and shelving system with a range of drawers and cupboards to fit, to an industrial design that will bring life to your laundry, café, kitchen or retail stock-room, Rack It has the solution for you.